It's Not Over Yet.

With multiple named storms already this hurricane season and more developments predicted, stay ahead of the curve with StormGeo's exclusive Weather Webinar Series. 

Join Senior Meteorologist Chris Hebert on Wednesday, September 7th, at 10:30 Central / 11:30 Eastern for:

  • An update on tropical activity to date
  • A comparison of our pre-season predictions
  • A look ahead towards the second half (and traditionally the busiest time) of hurricane season
Can't attend live? No problem. Go ahead and register and we'll send you a copy of the recording afterwards.

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Chris Hebert
Lead Hurricane Forecaster
TropicsWatch Manager

Chris Hebert is StormGeo’s lead hurricane meteorologist, manager of the TropicsWatch team and tropical meteorology expert for the StormGeo Global Group.

His duties include leading StormGeo’s hurricane team in forecasting topical development globally for any ocean basin, as well as heading development on new products and services for StormGeo’s clients. Additionally, Chris manages winter storm and marine fog forecasting services and development of services in these specialties.

As StormGeo’s tropical expert, Chris is engaged in speaking activities related to hurricanes at conventions, seminars and corporate meetings across the country. Discussion topics typically include hurricane preparedness, hurricane forecasting and climatology, outlooks for the upcoming hurricane season and some of the more unique products of StormGeo’s hurricane service such as the Hurricane Timeline Tools.

Chris is also a popular guest on StormGeo’s ongoing weather webinar series.