With StormGeo's weather portal you can monitor all your asset locations, detect adverse weather and easily identify suitable weather windows. 

The forecasts are visualized in a dedicated portal to help you identify the suitable weather windows for when, where and for how long weather conditions will allow for safe operations. From this, you will have the ability to plan your activities during your projects and minimize the weather risk exposure to your crew and equipment. 

"StormGeo is a commercial vendor with excellent competency in weather forecasting, and they have experience from many regions. I would for sure recommend StormGeo to another company considering their services."
Andreas Kjøl, Project Director, Viking Ice Consultancy.  

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Cable Lay Benefits: 

  • Reduce weather uncertainty with highly flexible, tailored and frequent weather forecasts from StormGeo. 
  • Access a Common Operating Picture (COP) to improve planning and make knowledge-based decisions.
  • Pinpoint your forecast to the exact region of interest to get continuous support on your operative window decisions.
  • Receive critical operation forecasts up to eight times a day to anywhere in the world, even remote areas.
  • The easy to use portal interface allows users to control displayed layers, such as metocean data, vessel locations, AIS tracking, satellite and radar imagery, visibility, ice conditions and other parameters. 
  • Prevent project delays caused by bad weather and rough sea-state conditions, and increase uptime and save costs. 
  • Get access to expert meteorologists 24/7/365.

If needed, StormGeo can also support operations with a dedicated meteorologist onsite that will provide expert and immediate decision support on operative windows. This can reduce the alpha factor for the operation, and save you valuable time and money.

Through StormGeo's AIS service, you can see an overview of your fleet, including tracking of each vessel's position, speed, wind and wave data, and more. 

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