The On-Board Data Revolution

By: Michael O'Brien

VP of Products & Business Development, StormGeo Shipping

Michael is a former deck officer having graduated from New York Maritime College in 1989 with a degree in Meteorology and Oceanography. Upon coming ashore in 1993 Michael has worked in weather routing and fleet optimization. This work over the past twenty five years has involved determining routes for all vessel types taking into account the safety of the crew, vessel and cargo. Michael has been involved in the efficiency of vessels from greenhouse gas emissions to the optimization and reduction of fuel consumption. His work with the maritime industry has taken him around the world understanding the needs of the industry from a global perspective. 

Michael O’Brien has published the following paper, The On-Board Data Revolution, to further share his views on maritime technology and where it is headed in the future, Investigating the evolution of maritime mobility and connectivity. We welcome you to have a look!

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