Set up your own weather portal with Storm24/7 and deliver the accuracy, dependability, flexibility and mobility your customers demand. The service is a client side web application - easily customized to fit the look and feel of any media outlet.

Storm24/7 is ready-to-go and easy to deploy. The weather site will be ready for deployment in minutes and will work with all operating systems, browsers and devises. 

“In less than 2 years Storm24/7 boosted our earnings 600%! Through their online solution we are covered on all platforms such as TV, Web, Android and iPhone app’s, mobile weather warnings and more. We value the collaboration and effort highly in our daily work to inform and attract new users.” Ronald Toppe, Project leader, TV2


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Storm24/7 Features: 

  • Real time weather forecasts are provided for any location globally, with more than 10 million named spots 

  • Instant access to download the files you need from Github
  • With Storm24/7 NowCasting you can get forecasts precipitation down to the minute for the next hour

  • The responsive design ensures readability and a great experience across digital platforms and screen sizes

  • The customized profile puts you in the drivers seat. Overrule the default CSS and adopt the colors, fonts and weather symbols that match your design profile 

  • With more than 25 languages to choose from you can optimize the language settings to fit your audience. New languages can easily be added when needed

  • The map player allows users to pan, zoom and view animated maps for the most used weather parameters 

  • In addition to weather components like temperature, precipitation, wind, waves, humidity, and cloud cover you will get an extreme weather index which gives warnings whenever there is any unusual weather

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